Faire Happenings April 24th

Fantasy Faire 2012- Day 3 Report from Zander Greene
Out world Physicists speak of Emergent Properties: the arising of complex systems and patterns out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. Fairelanders know this phenomenon well. Favorite Emergent Property of the 2012 Faire? Four words. Spontaneous Tinies Drumming Circles. Funniest. Thing. Ever. Full stop. [Day 3 Faire total? $10,201.] Tinies…..hehehe
Join us at the Faire!

The Fantasy Faire 2012 is made possible by the generous support of Sim and Event Sponsors: Arcanum, Booshies, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., handheld machinima, Heart Garden, Madpea Productions, Neo Stream Services, Pandemonium, Prim Perfect, Rustica, -= Solarium =-, The Looking Glass, T R I D E N T, TRU Textures Ltd, Vaengi Wings and Wasabi Pills.


•12-1pm– August Moons
•1-2pm– *Kioko Kumaki – DJ Zander
•2-3pm – DJ Aryon
•3-4pm – DJ Aryon
•4-5pm – Suzetta Moonites
•5-6pm – Bill1465 Tigerpaw
•6-7pm – *Khyle Sion – DJ Amara
•7-8pm –*AineMari Flanagan – DJ Amara
•9-10pm – Lyndon Heart
•10-11pm – DJ Zander

* Denotes Jail and Bail “Volunteer”
Share and Join In The Magic for It Starts with YOU .
Join us at the Faire!

When you can’t be with us in person you can follow our progress, listen to interviews and special shopping spots on Fantasy Faire Radio


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