The Silent Fantasy Faire Auction 2012 Preview Part One

Once again Fantasy Faire is Most Proud to Present The Silent Fantasy Faire Auction 2012 .A true theater in its self . .. Set up with Dozens upon Dozens upon Dozens .. (( love that )) of Amazing One of Kind Creations .
Each available to the winning Bidder . So Teleport to The Fairelands Junction and visit and bid often . Oh there is something there for everyone. Stay tuned and visit this site often over the next few days .. Each item with a description shall be posted !
It is a privilege and Joy to Present the First Round (In No SPecial Order For each Creative is “A Gem”) Photos and descriptions of Fantasy Faire 2012 Silent Auction One of a Kind Creative .

About Baroque Fantasy in Warm Silver by TFF – Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions
Specially made for Fantasy Faire 2012 to benefit RFLThe music of harpsichords and the elegance of an eighteenth century royal court are evoked by this elegant and sophisticated ensemble featuring layers of silken taffeta and chantilly lace. A lacey stand up collar and a modest long-sleeved bodice with lace detailing comprise this fantastical design of classical notes, blended with chic couture and accentuated with a touch of dark fantasy.

The gown, in a unique warm silver color, comes with two skirts and all pictured, for a variety of possible looks. The rich fabrics and white lace accents on this gown would be equally perfect in the court of Versailles or even a Victorian or Renaissance roleplay area. Designed with full ballroom skirting, or in the shorter version embellished with demure lace, the dress swishes and sways as you imagine ladies of the court, minuets and marbled ballrooms, flirtations and even perhaps dangerous liasons that made the aristocracy interesting. Don’t forget your fascinator hat! Sculpted coordinating short boots, sculpted sleeves, white stockings, and a pannier (baroque bustle) complete the outfit.
The outfit comes with the stunning shape, premium skin, coordinating eyes and sexy hairstyle pictured, so you can re-create the complete look shown. But the components are also copy and mod, so you can easily modify to mix and match with your own shape, hair and skin to create a custom look all your own. The winner of the auction will receive a gift certicate which entitles them to a full modify and copy version of the gown, and a custom fitting if needed

“Star Kindler Designs”
Thank you for your interest in this auction item .
This item is an exclusive coloring of a new filigree Masquerade Mask:
These 5 special elemental colorings will only be available this one time at Fantasy Faire 2012.*** FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK ***
Pater Tiberino Fountain – One of a Kind Edition
Pater Tiberino Fountain is one of a kind creation realized for the Fantasy Fair Auction.
The fountain represent the “Pater Tiberino” (tr.: father Tiberino) the god of the river Tevere that cross the capital of Italy, Rome.
The god Tiberino hold a trident in his right hand and an amphora in his left hand from which the water flow.
Two nymphs next to the god collect the water in a shell, leaving then the water flow in the lower large part.
A relaxing sound of water accompany the dance of the butterflies and a flowered tree gently protect the whole scene.About Your New Home:
More Photos can be seen here:
This is a custom piece JUST for Relay for Life, I will never resell this or the contents so this is a one of a kind piece just for this years relay.I will keep a back up copy in world in my storage area for you should your’s become lost/ break/ randomly disappear, I will offer free support for as long as you are in second-life. This home is copy and modifiable so you can customize as you wish to make it your own. However I can not support your product should you modify beyond the original design. So do not ask me to wash your windows or repaper your walls! I do not do windows!
I used The [zED]~MPS~Multisit Pose System™
All poses are adjustable via the menu options found in the Individual items
Touch Wind chimes for on and off
Touch doors to open and close
Prims for everything should be mod/copy so you may change to suit .
There are Three Teleport that are self configuring-DeLe Soul
These one of a kind color edition skins bear feather-like tribal markings around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead. Dark purple with light lavender and nearly cyan colored highlights (depending on the windlight settings) and bright turquoise liner and red shadow (On both male and female skins, trust me, it looks amazing on both!)
They are two seperate Bid Items .
These skins are no copy, no mod, transfer and will NEVER be resold or given away, EVER. This means that the winner of the auctions for each will have the ONLY copy in SL, other than myself, the creator. I didn’t even pass these out to the bloggers!
Also included i a copy of the Violet Mesh Radiance eyes and alpha layer for them along with matching Elven droopy ears.
The hair is not included, nor are the shapes, however the hair is from Alice Project and named Clarus in White with slight tinting and shiny on low in case you want to simulate the look.CoLLisions:. Tattoos & Accessories
Based on the endless Mobius ring, this jewelry set is made with delicate golden links which are offset by brightly coloured gems. The gems can change colour between 7 different gemstone shades via a low lag script as well.
This Women’s Jewelry set includes:
~ Necklace
~ Earrings
~ BraceletsFrom The House of RFyre
This special design created for the 2012 Fantasy Faire and dedicated with much love to our dear friend and fellow creative Alia Baroque of Fallen gods comes…..
Incorporating the new technology of mesh with fantastical textures of silver netting and precious gems this design evokes images of ancient treasures deep within the sea. This special edition includes all versions
Equally at home on the dance floor [club version] or in the ball room [Formal]…
hearken to the call of the ocean in Fantasia.*********TTHREE OF THESE ARE BEING AUCTIONED********
♥♥♥ℳⅈℵ₫gÅℛ₫€ℵڪ ☪ℛ€Å₮ⅈ☺ℵڪ♥♥♥
Thank you for your interest in our products! This year, we’re offering a variety of landscaping items in one package. All items are copyable and offer a variety of features!
Spring Flowers Trees:
Offered in Gold and Purple color schemes with a resizer menu, enabling you to resize from a very tiny tree to a massive size (up to 64 meters). These trees are only 24 prims each and are decorated with sculpty flowers.
Pandorian Magic Grasses:
I’m offering two styles of one prim fantasy grasses, one featuring dandelions and the other with a dewdrop effect. Both are incredibly lovely and perfect for so many different landscaping needs! Each grass comes in a variety of 8 texture options with a color change menu, 3 shapes (circle, half circle & square), resizer menu up to 64 meters, access control script & a delete function! These grasses are also copyable!
Tranquil Gardens Treehouse:
This lovely treehouse is only 57 prims, features sit & cuddle poses and an animated ladder for easy access. I’ve also included a rock with bird sounds to decorate and enhance your experience!MysticHope Design.
2 outfits Bid on each at the auction.
1.) – MysticHope – Damyel Violet (Male RPG Outfit)
2.) – MysticHope – Tara Violet (Female Outfit)Mermaid Treasure & Boutique
mermaid costume called: Beautiful Helen Mermaid
Comes with hair and spine adornments of pearls and starfish and diamonds.
Delicate lace attachments on tail and fins.


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