1st impressions of the 2012 Fantasy Faire

As I wander about these amazing builds for this year’s 2012 Fantasy Faire in Relay For Life of Second Life, I am taken away by the shear creativeness and stunning beauty all these builders have done.

And if you have the graphic power to ‘muck’ about with display setting, it become even more magical,…

Everywhere you turn, it is one unbelievable scene after another.

I’ve been wandering about, sim after sim,

and I’ve probable spent 6-7 hours wandering about,

and I know I’ve only seen a tiny fraction of what there is to see,…

from the most amazing architecture only possible in Second Life,…

to places, one can only experience in Second Life.

I know I will be terribly disappointed when these 9 sims go “Poof”, as I have been waiting 355 days since last year’s Fantasy Faire.

I must try and convince the team to make the Fantasy Faire run a few weeks longer, as 10 days, just is not long enough to see all there is to see, shop and take part in all the activities planned over the 10 days,  all at the same time.





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