Be Part of the 2012 Fantasy Faire Visitor’s Guide!

We are creating a Visitor’s Guide for the 2012 Fantasy Faire and invite merchants and organizations interested in purchasing ad space to join us. Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect has generously offered to prepare the guide for us as both an inworld publication that will be available for the duration of the Faire as well as an online guide that will become a permanent addition to our Fantasy Faire website.

Inworld, the Visitor’s Guide will be part of the Welcome Package available at the arrival points of each of the eight shopping sims as well as on the Main Event sim, Fairelands Junction. The Welcome Package will also include a special low lag Faire outfit created by Fallen Gods Inc. and Wasabi Pills that is sure to be a much sought after item by the thousands of people who will visit the Fantasy Faire this year.

Purchasing ad space will provide you with a full page ad, or logo and description of your business, plus a clickable landmark or SLurl. If you are interested in having ad space in the 2012Fantasy Faire Visitor’s Guide, please send the following information to Elizabeth Tinsley by Sunday, April 15!

Ads will be one full page – Dimensions 1224 x 1584 pixels
Ads cost $L2000 each
Ads need to be sent in the following format: TGA, PNG, or JPG
Ads will offering a landmark (inworld pub.) and SLurl (online pub.)

REQUIRED INFORMATION (copy and paste to a notecard and send to ELIZABETH TINSLEY inworld)

Avatar Name:
Store Name:
Logo (1024 x 1024 if possible):
Description of Store (if you run a classified in world then the text you use there would be great!):

Advertisement texture (if you would prefer to use your Logo and Store Description as your Ad that is possible – just please send a 1024 x 1024 sized Logo):

Store Landmark:
Store SLurl:

Payment will be arranged once your information is received. All proceeds from ad sales for the 2012 Fantasy Faire Visitor’s Guide will go to Relay for Life.



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