Thank you Bloggers

As we are wrapping up all the good stuff that happen with the Fantasy Faire 2011, I wanted to take a minute and give a Special thank you to all our Bloggers and those who were not on our list but covered the Faire.  This event was a huge success but it was only a success because we had some amazing media coverage. Each store , each sim , lots of interviews.. Our bloggers worked double time to get the message out..

I want to give a special thanks to Breezy Carver, Joonie Jahto, Dagmar Haiku, and Shayariel Teardrop. They took care of our interviews and filled in when we needed something covered!

Thank you to everyone! Each of you Helped make this year a year to remember!


Nevar Lobo


One thought on “Thank you Bloggers”

  1. Congratulations and well done to everyone involved with Fantasy Faire! I have been to many events in SL over the past few years but this rates as one of the best, and it raised an epic amount for RFL! Yay!

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