Jailbirds are AMAZING!

Over the Past week we have set a new trend at the Fantasy Faire 2011 and I can say it was so much fun. I was so surprised how everyone really got into this week full of Fantasy jail and bail events. It humbles me as a Relayer to see the expressing of hope and determination we found through all the Jailbirds listed below.  It was truly amazing to finish off the week with a total of almost 1 Million Linden dollars raise whit just the jails alone.

The Creators of the Jails that we used this week did the most amazing job bringing out the theme of each sim. Giving us an extra element of Fun. I must Thank Each jail designer from the bottom of my heart.  The Djs who all participated in the Jail events all week.. Each of you went over and beyond and again im truly greatful.  Lauren and Zander thank you for picking up the pieces on the last day when my world was falling apart.

Each of The Designers and Creators and amazing people below.. THank you .. Thank you for giving of yourselves and for supporting RFL with so much more then you can imagine… With out your dedication and time we would have not been able to get so much done with this event.

aikea rieko – Creator of Plastik
Saur Holt    Designer from Gothic Passionate Dreams
Mama P Beerbaum  – RFL OF SL 2011 Event Co Chair
ethereal faerye – Creator from    ~Lost in Starnight~
Evangeline Miles  – Designer of Evie’s Closet
Saffia Widdershins – Designing Worlds – Treet TV
lerochelle.destiny  – Creator of DeLa Soul
IshtarAngel Micheline – RFL OF SL Official Photographer
Opal Lei  – Designer from Mer Betta
Druscilla Ferraris – Creator of Druscilla’s Whims
Khyle Sion  – Creator from ~ Refined Wild ~
Alia Baroque – Creator of Fallen Gods
Jayjay Zifanwe  – Creator of UWA3D  Open Art Challenge
Tricia Aferdita  – Metaverse Art – Treet TV
Erin Talamasca – Creator of HOOF -IT
Morgaine Price – Designer Mer- Elf Creations
Trader whiplash  T1 Radio “The Voice of Relay”
Alrunia Ahn  –  Creator of  MANDRAGORA
Grafx Newbold – Co Owner of Inspire Space Park
Marcus Inkpen – Creator/ Builder – The Looking Glass

Lastly there are two people who kept me going all week and they deserve the biggest thank you of all ! Breezy Carver and my wonderful wife… Ame Starostin Lobo. Thank you both !



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