Sunday, 10 Apr 2011 02:40:09 GMT

In 15 minutes history will be made with the auctioning off of some of the most stunning gazebos, sim builds and iconic builds of Fantasy Faire 2011

The crowds are rushing in and it will all be done in VOICE now at the Fantasy Faire events stage.  Proxy bids can be made to ELIZABETH TINSLEY by IM if you can’t be there in person!

PLEASE remove all scripted items & huds .. it’s going to be crowded. This is our moment in history!!


   Total Before Great Gate Auction


Diamond Friends Fighting Cancer $ 490 L$ 4,773,944 $ 19,586


Sunday, 10 Apr 2011 01:29:08 GMT

I am SO amazed by what this group of amazing creators, landscapers, builders and team members has been able to achieve here in only nine days.

We are ONLY $500 USD short of our goal of $20,000 USD

THIS is our goal today … to get to $20,000 USD and beyond to $L 5,000,000 in our kiosks!

We WILL do it – and SOON!


       FANTASY FAIRE 2011 fundraising for RFL
With thanks to our extremely generous and talented creators we have amazing, exclusive and top quality builds worth hundreds of thousands lindens to help us at the Fantasy Faire 2011 fundraising for the RFL to go to the American Cancer Society.

WHERE:   Events Stage on Fantasy Faire Central

WHEN: 5pm SLT Sunday 10th April 2011 (that’s TODAY)

HOW: We will be conducting the auction over the MEDIA STREAM (and will have someone transcribe to text if necessary)  Bids will be in text or can be IMed to ELIZABETH TINSLEY

** The Great Gateway AUCTION! **    

At the Fantasy Faire we have beautiful gazebos leading (via a teleport portal) into each of the 8 themed shopping sims. Each is a work of art painstakingly created by a Master SL builder and is an original creation reflecting the beautiful and unique atmosphere of each sim.  You have the opportunity to buy one of these amazing gates to be your very own – TODAY, Sunday 10th of April at 5pm SLT on the main Fantasy Faire Stage.

Below is a description and pictures of each of these amazing builds (each can be seen on the Fantasy Faire Central sim):

* Forest of Light *
138 prims . A post and beam structure for your garden in the Tudor style, complete with ivy and sculpted giant morning glories. Don’t miss the naughty crow stealing berries! Size is 20m W x 20m D x 18m H. By our own fantasmagorical Lauren Thibaud 

* Forest of Shadow *
51 prims of petrified swamp wood and crystals- a skeletal structure that’s very nearly gothic with stylized flying buttresses but stretches the rules to incorporate a bit of dark magic. Size is 20mW x20m D x 23m H.  From the visionary imagination of  Numberofthebeast Angelis 

* Dark Mirage *
128 prims  A gateway to the mystery of the orient, this beautifully detailed construction is degraded with a verdigried patina, speaking to the ancient mysteries and forgotten truths of long ago. Hanging lanterns glow softly to light the way for you on your path to deeper knowledge.   17W x 17 D x 6 H.  The combined genius of Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee delights us all once again.

* Nemo Revisited *
200 prims  Curly twisted and organic vines of deeply embossed metal are hung with working clocks and  etched glass globes, suspending an ornate chandelier in a reworking of the art nouveau style. Working gears on the platform and visiting mechanical cardinals are inundated by falling sparks- no worries- wear your rubber soled shoes.  15m W x15m D x15m H  By the very talented Arachne Anatra

* Sea of Mer *
97 prims A glittering cushion to rest Poseidon’s golden crown upon, this gazebo is embellished with precious gems and mother of pearl.  A mariner’s compass forms the base and ensures that you will never lose your way. 22m w x22m D x8m H. By the incomparable Zander Greene.    

* Exotic Worlds * 
An astonishing build of only 57 prims. Dark wood with phosphorescence adorned with glowing mushrooms and an organic stained glass in blues and greens, this portal promises a cool day when you pass through to the other side. Size is 24m W x24m D x 38m H. By the amazing artist Elicio Ember. 

* Fantastical and Magical * 
57 prims  Celebrate the joining of the natural and the manmade with this intriguing installation.  Elegant columns are the transport for streams of misty water which precariously support  a network of vines leading to a bark topper. We are protected from the elements as much as we are a part of them. Have a seat below and dont worry about your bubble bursting- here it never will!  24m W x24m D x 24m H  Another fabulous work by everyone’s favorite toymaker, Mayah Parx

* Enchanted Mysts *  
95 prims    Mossy stonework and  carved symbols transport us back to a time of enchantments and spells. Doubled glass pyramids have captured the glowing mist of another age, and we search for meaning in the forgotten written language of the runes. Suspended in time, we can only hope for the release of our trapped essences  while we worry what may be unleashed with us. 20m W x20m D x9.5 H By the generous and gifted Alia Baroque

** The Fantasy Faire SIMS AUCTION! **   

ALSO being auctioned will be two FULL sim builds as seen at the Fantasy Faire 2011. Mayah Parx is offering all buildings and landscaping on the delightful “Fantastical and Magical” sim and the combined talents of Lauren Thibaud, Piedras Chama and Nonna Hedges offer their gorgeous “Forest of Light” sim build and landscaping (including realistic animals from Jon Haskell)!  The buildings total about 650 prims and the landscaping is under 2500 prims in each sim.

* Fantastical and Magical*
“Fantastical and Magical is a journey through our childhood dreams, in here we’ll find those classic fairy stories, traditional tales, those favourite cartoons, movies and books, all tumbling head over heals into your sleep. The craziest, wildest, most colourful and wonderous dream you could never imagine. Never that is unless you are Mayah Parx. Not content with having a hand in many of the other sims she took Fantastical and Magical head on and the result is nothing short of spectacular.” Beq Janus 2011

For a full tour of the sim and build please visit:

* Forest of Light *
Forest of Light is like walking into a fairytale village. You expect to see Belle walking down the street or perhaps run into Cinderella as she is running errands for her Wicked Stepmother. This magical, tree filled sim, full of colour and fun is the joint creation of Lauren Thibaud, Piedras Chama and Nonna Hedges. The town is the perfect storybook medieval backdrop to all your fantasy adventures and when you venture off the streets and follow the path into the woods, it is not a dark and terrifying place like Snow White’s forest but a beautiful multi-hued environment filled with wonderful trees, a stunning stream and waterfall and woodland animals. If you are very quiet perhaps you will hear them break out in song.

For a full tour of the sim and build please visit:

We are fortunate to also be offering up for auction today a signature piece from three of our sim designers:

* Dark Mirage Tower *
The Looking Glass creators, Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee, evoked an atmosphere of sensual, warmth and mysterious charm on their sim build, Dark Mirage. The pathway tracks around the edge of this corner sim covering three sides and all but encricling the broad lake at the middle of which stands the stunning landmark tower in brillant orange and gold.  Marcus and Sharni have generously offered up this stunning monument and the bridge that leads you to it for our special auction today.

* Cottontails Chocolate Forest of Easter Dreams *
Born of the Lands of Chocolate that lie to the north of Donati, Home to Epic Toys Toymaker, there be a special forest hidden form the world…A forest rich in chocolate, color and fun, a forest of Easter dreams.

In contribution to the Fantasy Faire 2011 The Toymaker has spoken with the keepers of the forest, Flopsy, Mopsy and Peter Cottontail himself, and they are all together agreed the FOREST OF EASTER DREAMS will expand to another land spreading its joy, chocolate and smiles to all who venture through.

Created with Mayah’s whimsical and fun touch, everything is interactive and made with loving care to detail. This will be your only chance to own something of the famous Epic Toy Factory’s beloved chocolate and it can be YOURS just in time for Easter!

Rembember every donation for the auctions at Fantasy Faire 2011 is fundraising for the RFL to go directly to the American Cancer Society

Cottontails Forest of EASTER DREAMS

Born of the Lands of Chocolate that lie to the north of Donati, Home to Epic Toys Toymaker, there be a special forest hidden form the world…A forest rich in chocolate, color and fun, a forest of Easter dreams.

In contribution to the Fantasy Faire 2011 The Toymaker has spoken with the keepers of the forest, Flopsy, Mopsy and Peter Cottontail himself, and they are all together agreed the FOREST OF EASTER DREAMS will expand to another land spreading its joy, chocolate and smiles to all who venture through.

Technical SPECS for the interested:

Prims will be about 250 MAX for entire forest maybe a few more/maybe a few less

Will fit into a 25 wide by  30 space 🙂

CAN use individual builds from the entire scene

Individual Parts

Cottontail Carousel is 78 prims/7 animations/ texture effects / sound

Chocolate egg fountain is approx 24 prims / 2 animations/ texture effects

Chocolate trees are 15 prim for 8 of them

Easter egg trees are 4 prims each come in 2 styles….

Egg nest vary between 1 to 4 prim …

Egg lanterns are 2 prims come in a variety of colours and patterns

Swing is not yet finalised so cant tell you right now …SURPRISE

Egg head slide at the moment is 30…

All told the build will house between 15 and 20 fun animations maybe more depends how carries away i get / sounds/ texture effects / particle effect (low resource)

The Toymaker
Mayah Parx
Epic Toys




  1. Fantastical and Magical truly sums up my experience at the fantasy faire this year! I have met some of the most amazing people, seen some of the most amazing creations and formed some lasting relationships I will cherish forever. Hats off to all the fantasy faire staff, creators and attendees for enabling us to reach our goal and support such a worthy cause.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to win the fantastical and magical sim auction created by the ever so talented Mayah Parx and I am still marveling over all the wonderful creations in this sim! When I went to go take another look at my purchase my mouth dropped open as I realized the incredible items I had not even noticed before. The detail of Mayah’s work is incredible! It truly is a dream come true for this fairy to have a piece of history like that….and worth every penny and then some. Thanks Mayah for bringing such a whimsical build to the faire. We are all blessed to have such a great group of people who all support this great cause. You all bring magic and hope into all our lives …..Thanks again to all


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