Fantasy Faire 2011 Auction Items Photos part 3

Fantasy Faire 2011 Day 7 Report
Friday, 08 Apr 2011 10:26:13 GMT

We were live for 13 hours today on Fantasy Faire Radio. It was on-air fund-raising at it’s best. It told Relay’s story. Our story. It raised alot of money. Up $1400 USD to bring us to $16,000 USD.  Tone Uriza played his heart out & an army of great DJ’s kept the dance party moving. It was fun & exciting! Faire Justice fell on Erin Talamasca, Morgaine Price & Khyle Sion but generosity freed them.  Yours is a great story. Tell it proudly. When it ends, your total will be $20,000 USD.  And thats the plan 🙂

Zander Greene

Fantasy Faire 2011 Auction Item Photos

Fantasy Faire 2011 Shall be posting photos of these Spectacular works of one of a Kind and or Speciality Art and Creative auction items  over the next 72 hours . Please tp into  World to visit the Auction Display, as it is most Powerful and moving to see  it all displayed together  in world as seeing is Believing and At The Fantasy Faire  We all truly Believe !! 

All Proceeds of the beautiful Creatives go To Relay For Life of Second Life ..

Because until there is a Cure We all Relay !!!


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