The Realm of Enchanted Mysts Story ….

 * * FFC Fantasy Faire 2011 * *

You raised L$510,804 on Day 6 and brought us to more than $14,700 USD.  

On Day 6 we were awed by Alia’s generosity, by Druscilla’s kindness, by Jayjay and Tricia’s bravery and by the voices of Lisa, Stella and Edward.  Nevar shook the heavens with Jail and Bail. Joonie rocked with DJs Aryon, Gecko and Bcreative.  Dwen was at the ready and Quad and Lauren defended the realm. A notice is all too brief, so its good we know these people by their first names. Its like that with family. Next time; The Plan…..

Zander Greene

Dear Fantasy Lover,
Please join us to develop an Interactive story that will unfold day by day at the Fantasy Faire 2011.
Daily a new chapter will appear with new possibilities and gifts to discover the realm of Enchanted Mysts and understand the Spirit of Relay for Life while you play and explore.
The Evolution of the Story will also depend on you, so come Help the Realm when you are asked for, you’ll be richly rewarded.
The Quest started today, you can take a look at the first chapter in the attached Note or come visit Enchanted Mysts and the Fantasy Faire 2011 to benefit Relay for Life by the Landmark below.

We welcome you to our Story.

Chapter I
The Glorious Announcement

Tha Land of Mysts, home of Elves and Faes, one of the Lands in the Fantastical Faireness Continent, in its 2011 Year of the Third Era of the Relay anticipates a Day of Celebration. The word is spreading over the whole Land: The New Princess will be Crowned.

Ilear, the Noble Princess of Mysts just reached her age of maturity, 100 years, and in the full bloom of her youth is going to rule the Lands with the agreeement, support and love of all citizens of the Mysts.

The crowning is planned for the next Saturday. All preparations that started a month ago are now near completion. Noble Houses of the Realms are arriving daily to pay tribute to the soon to be new Queen and the Houses of Mysts are offering gifts, refreshments and welcoming warmth to the attendant citizens.

Everyone is welcome to the most Epic Celebration our Lands have had in Centuries.
The Mysts Welcome You.

Saenes and Kanah, Royals of the Mysts

[Translation from the Royalspeak: Come and check out the the goodies at the Celebration Tables scattered around the Mysts and through out the Continent at all the Enchanted Mysts Embassies. It’s time to party! We are getting a new Queen!]
Chapter II
The Terrible News

To all the citizens of Mysts! Princess Ilear disappeared! Major researches were done and no trace was found of our Noble Heir, we seek your help to find any trace or clue of her vanishing. Our Queen and King are devastated by the Happening and are sending the whole Elven army to search for her but we need your help too, anything you can do to find out what happened and save our beloved Ilear!
Our Advisor is convinced that the vanishing of our Guardian Orb and of our Princess are connected, and that you shall study book archives that can be found in all Houses of Mysts.
We await anxiously your help.

(Touch silhouettes of characters on the land to find out what happened, then study the archive books in every store.

To get your updated book just buy it again and chapter 2 will be present.
The Choice

Oh People of the Mysts, we need your prayers and voice to awaken the Stone, to free the only one who’ll be able to save us from the Ancient threat that descended over us. With the help of Citizens we discovered our Noble Heir, Ilear is hiding to avoid being captured by an Evil entity of the name of Utmah which we thought was our Guardian in all those Millenia…. and the Imprisoned Stone, the Captive, the Fallen, which we kept guarded day and night was discovered our only possibility and Hope to save the Realm and our Princess!
So we call you all to attend the powerful reunion of Hope and Prayers, to raise the magic and free the One of Stone.
Come many and let’s together reach the hoped goal, we need your help!

As you walk through the Palace towards the Jailing, the Royal advisor approaches you, looking left and right, suspiciously: Listen, Go to the Jailing and do as you pray, but do not put your efforts in it. Let’s keep the Fallen jailed and let Utmah grab the Princess, maybe he will reward us richly for taking his part…huh? What do you think?


(come donate at the Jailing of Alia Baroque to see the story develop further)

Dear Fallen,
Sending you an anticipation about chapter 3 of the Mysts story, soon the advisor will tell you what he deciphred of all the archives and clues you found out, but….

ON PRACTICAL TERMS what is going to happen?
At 2pm SLT , Today April 7 2011, Yours turly is going to get jailed at Enchanted Mysts

– Two teams, competing against eachother with donations on RFL kiosks, Good VS. Evil.
– One Linden can make the difference, but to enchance the experience I am going to put gifts with donations.
– Donations Gifts will be exclusive retired or one chance only creations for EACH TEAM.

And to make it even more interesting:

Depending on which team wins, the Mysts story will change.
Don’t miss it, come low lag and let’s show how much Fallens care about the Fight against Cancer…
…and retired and special creation goodies, right? Right!

The Stone Captive Fallen One

Ah Yes The Saga continues

Chapter IV
The Hunt for Utmah

You made a choice, uncaring of the Advisor’s proposal you placed all your energy and prayers and awakened the Stone Captive, the Fallen. After a while he started to speak, words were just accent as lost in time but then became much more clear. He would fade in essence and then reappear as almost human, he would whisper in aether then slowly words would take shape out of the mystic sound:

I am weak, all those centuries… I heard and felt everything…who are you? I see, you need My help. I can’t stay in this dimension…can’t stay in the other… split…I sense him chasing her…no!..You must save the princess, she will be Queen, her blood can transform Utmah in mortal, but the Queen’s blood leaf can transform you in aether, in essence as it did to me. Utmah himself is The Guardian Orb. He was waiting all those eras for the promise of King Alameides that one day a Queen will carry the blood to make him mortal and rule again over the Continent and Realms, he will destroy us all, you must stop him! Find the Queen’s Blood leaf, it’s very difficult to find so you will need the Help of the Runes…ah I see, you found My notes in the alchemy books…yes… I know where the runes are…. Every Realm has a Rune, when you will examine all you will find the location of the Queen’s Blood leaf in the Mysts….

(In Each Sim Of the Fantasy Faire there is an Embassy store, exposing the Crowning announcement and Mysts Embassy Sygil. In this stores you will find runes with hints about the location of Queen’s blood leaf in Enchanted Mysts Sim. When you find the Leaf touch it and the story will continue)


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