This Just in  From: * * FFC Fantasy Faire 2011 * *,

FantasyFairy :
Psssst has anyone noticed the new ball hanging in the arrival gazebo? It’s a raffle ball and EVERYONE who enters wins a prize!  

There will be a drawing a few times a day for a winner and everyone else retains their ticket for the next prize drawing!
Don’t forget to share the competition notecard with your groups and subscribos!  We have wonderful prizes for the Flickr contest and some AMAZING auction items as well!

 * * FFC Fantasy Faire 2011 * *

Day five Report : This was easier yesterday.  Comare this years numbers to last years.  Where were we on this day a year go?  This Day 3 is like that Day 6. Simple math really.  Nice neat little charts.  But you guys couldn’t let it go, could you? Now with over L$3 MILLION RAISED, a 1/2 million MORE than last year (and still 4 days left!) the charts are not so neat!  I need bigger charts! The distance between yearly comparisons keeps growing!  I’m gonna need a step ladder at this rate…anybody have one in Relay purple?
Zander Greene


Special thanks to Elicio Ember for amazing captured Post Cards !

FOREST OF LIGHT  – a sim filled with beautiful plants, flowers and  trees. From the moment one steps onto the Sim, one can’t help but feel  alive with magic from the light and beauty of this unforgettable Forest !

Landscaping – Piedras Chama & Nonna Hedges
Build – Lauren Thibaud



* * SIM SPONSOR  * * 
Evie’s Closet    Evangeline Miles


Wyrmwood     Dartagan Shepherd

Material Squirrel Wings    Kala Bijoux

Secrets Hair / Tribal Soul Designs    Syndel Daviau

*Epic* & Fae Faire Home & Garden    Jade Winthorpe

*Fairy Pearls*    Napolde Vella

**Angelwing**    angel6 Susanti

Herbalys    Albert Beerbaum

Bare Rose    June Dion

Luminous Designs    Lumina Elvehjem

Adam n Eve    sachi Vixen

Sterling Artistry    Silverr Andel

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions    Tayren Theas

Mab & Co.    Venovara Ivory

Star Journey    Rebelmum Slade

Atea Avatars    Atea Aeon

[Plastik.]    Aikea Rieko

Curious Kitties    Ameshin Yossarian

Illusions    Siyu Suen


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