Fantasy Faire 2011 Auctions

Fantasy Faire 2011  Day Four Report
Let me tell you what passes for a slow day around here! We add L$200K to the total.  That total goes over $10,000 USD, our final total from 2010 on our 4th day of 2011. It rained L$ as Opal Lei, Lerochelle Destiny, & IshtarAngel Micheline were bailed out and Piedras Chama’s beautiful Trees were offered up.  But my favorite moment was a visit from Captain Ozz Seattle “These totals are unbelievable, ” he said “No, I take it back. You look around here, at what everyone has done.  It inspires giving.” Amen.

Zander Greene

Fantasy Faire 2011 Auctions

Tucked On the Main Fantasy Faire Welcome and Entertainment Sim is the  Official Fantasy Faire 2011 Auction Area .. A true theater in its self . Dozens upon Dozens upon Dozens of Amazing One of kind Creations … Each available to the winning Bidder .   So Teleport In to The Main Fantasy Faire 2011 Sim  and visit and bid often .  Oh there is something there for everyone.  Stay tuned and visit this site often over the next few days .. Each item with a description shall be posted !

But , you must be in it to win it .. Yes  it is all there for the bidding .. Entire Sim builds, Full one of kind Avis, Gowns, Skins,Mermaid Tails, Jewels and so much more .. From some of the finest, most generous Creators, builders on The Grid !
With Special  thanks to our extremely generous and talented creators we have amazing, exclusive and top quality prizes worth hundreds of thousands lindens to help us at the Fantasy Faire 2011 fundraising for the RFL to go to the American Cancer Society

Read below how you can join in:
** The Fantasy Faire AUCTION **

This year at the Fantasy Faire, we have over 50 incredible items that are up for auction, many of which are unique or limited edition.  All items start at only L$500 and go up in a minimum of L$50 increments, with ALL raised funds going straight to Relay for Life.

Some of this year’s items include:
– A unique Fantasy Faire horse avatar with pegasus wings from Hoof It!
– A unique fae avatar from !! Moonstruck !! and Fantavatar
– A limited edition avatar from Mer Betta
– A unique family skin pack from Fallen Gods, Inc
– A collection of over 400 skins, 6 fatpacks of eyes, and over 200 tattoos from Plastik (WOW!)

There’s something for everyone at the auctions!  Come take a look before BIDDING ENDS on Saturday, April 9th at 6 PM SLT.  Get information about each item by touching it’s board and to bid, click the turquoise ribbon under or in front of the item you wish to bid on and follow the instructions that are given to you in chat.
** The Great Gate AUCTION! **

At the Fantasy Faire we have beautiful gazebos leading (via a teleport portal) into each of the 8 themed shopping sims. Each is a work of art painstakingly created by a Master SL builder and is an original creation reflecting the beautiful and unique atmosphere of each sim.  You have the opportunity to buy one of these amazing gates to be your very own – on Sunday 10th of April at 5pm SLT on the main Fantasy Faire Stage.

** The Fantasy Faire SIMS AUCTION! **

ALSO being auctioned on Sunday afternoon at 5pm SLT will be two FULL sim builds as seen at the Fantasy Faire 2011. Mayah Parx is offering her entire build and landscaping on the delightful “Fantastical and Magical” sim and the combined talents of Lauren Thibaud, Piedras Chama and Nonna Hedges offer their gorgeous “Forest of Light” sim build and landscaping!

And grab this only opportunity to grab the only copy of the stunning tower & bridge on the Dark Mirage sim (being offered up for auction by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee).
** The GREAT FF RIBBON HUNT ** is now on across all nine sims!

* There are thousands of lindens worth of new prizes being hidden across the 9 Fantasy Faire sims each day in small aqua ribbons.  Where could they be? In a cave? Under a dress? up a tree? Behind a tail?

Ribbons will be priced between 10 and 100L (just pay it when you find it) and some items may be worth well over $L1000  Come search for what these generous Faire Folk have hidden for you.

** Flickr Photographic Contests **

* THREE fantastic separate contests based around the Fantasy Faire sims – one to capture our time here, the next to show the beauty of the sims and finally, but not least, one to show our support for RFL.  There will be *amazing* prizes for each category.

** LowLag Fairy **

* As with all events this size, there will be lag. We have done our best to keep it as low as we can but we’ll also need your help. Be considerate of your fellow shoppers, keep prims and bling in your pocket, remove scripted items, turn off your AOs and other scripted HUDs and you will find the going easier for yourself and improve the experience for others as well!   Low prim clothes are available at each teleport point so that you can show your support for The Relay for Life and help everything run smoother PLUS our secret LowLag Fairy will be dropping FABULOUS prizes on people with really low script loads for doing such a great job at keeping the lag down!


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