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Day Two Report @ Fantasy Faire 2011

It was a day that saw celebrities Jailed and Bailed, matching challenges issued & met, milestones reached and even more outpouring of generosity.  Day 2 raised more than L$500,000, took us to the 2 Million Linden mark and beyond and saw more green dots on the map than any day of any preeceeding year.  You’re making history every day.  Your Faire is the top pick in the SL Destination Guide, and with good reason.  Because this Faire is alive with the Spirit of Relay.  And we’re just warming up 😉


 Fallen Gods Inc .

Special thanks to  Alia Baroque for photos  and Dagmar Haiku for Interviewing Alia Baroque.


When somebody asks where to get a really special skin the discussion normaly leads to Fallen Gods Inc.. And indeed the skins Alia Baroque creates are unique and well made. It is hard to imagine how many hours of work might be needed to create them… But it would be wrong to say Fallen Gods Inc. is only a store for skins, Alia also creates eyes, tattoos, clothing and much more. All those items are sold on a sim which fits perfectly to the items… either that or the items fit perfectly to the sim. It is possible to spend hours there and explore the hidden spots – alot of creatures do so and it often happens that they start to interact and to roleplay there. That means Fallen Gods Inc. is much more than a store – of course it is possible to shop there – it is also a great place to relax and to spend time with others. At the Fantasy Faire 2010 Fallen Gods Inc. was the sponsor of the Dark Realms Sim. In 2011 the store is the sponsor of Enchanted Mysts. As Alia Baroque is not only the sponsor of the sim but the builder – An interview is more than a good idea.
1. How would you describe your store, Fallen Gods Inc.?
A place, a world rather than a store in which I share my vision and artworks applied over the second life dimension. Sharing is important, in this case the sale is a way to make a creation complete and see it live through the imagination and creativity of others. I set the stage, give the costumes for others to play the act. There’s a philosophy over the Temple, enforced since the beginning, which is to make Fallen Gods Inc. a place to enjoy as first, to make the whole Islands merge as a good experience and adventure together with the exhibition of my creations, where selling is a sharing of a vision that if honest leads always to mutual enjoyment and a fair environment.
2. How did you begin as a creator in Second Life? Do you remember the first item you ever sold?
I joined Second life by reading a newspaper article which spoke about its big creative possibilities for designers and illustrators, so the first day I already downloaded the body template and made an outfit, based on an illustration I made for a cover. The result was pretty decent in my eyes, but then I saw horror seams and stretchy vertex on shape mesh, worked a couple of hours on that with unsatisfying results and the next day made an alt and went perving around basically for a couple of months. Occasionally I will log with Alia and experiment more over those templates, giving up on outfits and focusing more over body anathomy which is from always my passion, from rl nude sketches to portraits.
Back in october 2007 a friend of mine owned a Metal themed sim called “Pitmosh Skull”. When he opened a small market near the club, he gave me for free a small shop where I placed my first skins: Pris and Ishtar…and there I sold my first copy of Pris Airbrush pale lips, reason why if I retired last summer all the old skin lines, Pris is the only one to stay.
3. How do you spend your time in Second Life? Do you only build and create?
No, I also, from virtual day one, lead a personal second life that disconnects me from the creative and business side to keep in touch with what SL is afterall for most residents, and mainly to still have my free personal and private second life experience.
4. Beyond the great skins you create you also built wonderful and stunning sims. What inspires you to your creations?
Sometimes places I visited in my travels, often my homelands, and sometimes dreams and visions while you read a book. But most comes from some sketchy drawings that reunite all those inspirations and work as a roadmap of what I could do. Then when the sim is born on the grid it sometimes lives of its own will, develops also depending by the near sims and by how my mood is in those days when I build. But any of my sims rarely is static, in their unchangable way they change constantly in minor things that are noticed only after a long time, they develop as Second Life develops.
4. What draws you to Fantasy/RP?
Fantasy is not one of my favourite genres, I was always more of a science fiction and everything about history fan, but my illustration style fits fantasy seems, so I found myself years ago stuck in the world of fantasy artcovers and character design. Applying it to second life was a natural step, but with much more freedom of ideas and creativity since depending only on my own ideas and no commissions. Fantasy gives you the possibility to experiment without boundaries, that’s the best side of it, and History gives you the posibility to experiment in very strong boundaries, which is also what I love about it. I wonder if the two can be merged without any additional horrors. For what concerns Roleplay, I find it one of the best parts of Second Life, in which you are able to tell stories with other people and dig deeply into your personality too: the actor is never unbound from the character.
5. What is your favorite thing about Fantasy Faire?
All? The Spirit, the enthusiasm of people taking time over any kind of RL/SL limits to give their best for a goal that doesn’t needs any praise more.
6. How did you learn about Relay for Life?
Newspapers, many years ago. Then I saw it more present and learned more inside of Second Life. Being European doesn’t give you a chance to contribute actively RL, but I have a big trust over American Cancer research projects so am going to support at my best.
7. We all have our own reasons to getting involved in RFL. What is yours?
Being an active part of something worth and good.
8. You sponsored the Dark Realms Sim in 2010 why did you decide to sponsor a Fantasy Faire Sim again?
Same answer as above, plus being sim sponsor gives you more freedom on making a bigger setting for a new release and some fun activities. Last year I couldn’t choose the sim, so adapted my release over the sim theme and made a smewhat dark Circus, this year I have complete freedom so can make a long wanted product release that will match the sim atmosphere. I got a Featured store in the FF2009 and from then I got captured by the incredible atmosphere, they are going to hope I bankrupt to stop sponsoring in the future.
9. You are the builder of the sim you sponsor. Do you allready know how the sim is going to look and would you like to share some ideas?
Yes I know and No will not, of course. You need to come and visit all the amazing sims this year, they are breathtaking. Seriously. Then drag a blanket and come have a picnic at the Enchanted Mysts shore, when you visited all.
10. You do not only sponsor and build a sim, you also sell donation items. What kind of items are that and why did you choose them to be your donation items?
I always make new skin lines releases to also motivate long term Fallen Gods Inc. customers and raise more funds. Usually a whole skin line, with its options and outfits, and both genders, goes to benefit RFL. The only spoiler I will give about this year’s release is that will be much less darker and more pastel driven than last year….
11. Fantasy Faire is an excellent way to educate and inform people about RFL. What would you like to see people take away from the Fantasy Faire?
A smile and peaceful heart that they contributed over something worth and good.

Thank you very much for the Interview


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