Sea of Mer Fantasy Faire 2011

Day one Report @ Fantasy Faire 2011

What a stunning first day of the Faire! Your efforts as a community have raised L$1.62 Million so far.  That is over $6500 USD.  More than $1600 USD was raised today alone!  This is a excellent start to the 2011 Fantasy Fair.

Your hard work and dedication are deeply appreciated by the Faire, by RFL and the American Cancer Society, and by every soul who will benefit from the services and support the ACS can now continue to provide.

 You’re all Relay Stars!


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on Flicker

 Special Thanks  Elicio Ember for these Amazing Fantasy 2011 Faire Post Cards !               

A beautiful watery bay with hidden delights in the depths and around each corner. Home of Poseidon and his favourites.

The Jewels of This Sim can be found both under water and above .. With Shoping and sites both above and under the beautiful Sea on The Sea of Mer Sim  ..  Please stop by more then once .. Ah and  Please don’t be surprised to see a few of us dancing under the Sea .. twirlssssssssssssssss  🙂

Landscaping – Elicio Ember, Stef Cormer and  Emmanuelle Loon
Build – Zander Greene


SEA OF MER Sim Merchants
* * SIM SPONSOR  * * 
Mer Betta    Opal Lei

Pacific Sunrise    Jade Wolfenhaut

Mermaid Temple    kyota Spitteler

Mer-Elf Creations    Morgaine Price

Myths & Mythos    Pyewicket Tiger
FantaSea    Corkie Houston

TempT    LaKira Ratelle

Suki Hawker    Suki Hawker

Tekeli-li! dark artistry    Tekelili Tantalus

.: Yo bailo :.     yuuki Solo

Posies    Anatalia Honi

Rose princess    CelestialRay Serpente

Mermaid Treasure & Boutique    Theta Marseille

Cloverleaf Corners Clothing    Alice Biondi

Safe Waters    Goldenstar Sands

Bibi’s coral reef shop    Bibi Questi

Skinthesis    Cane Sutter

KAMI-HITOE    Sala Snook

~Lost in Starnight~    Ethereal Faerye


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