Wow wow wow!

When you put on an event like this you never know exactly how it will turn out . Every year we sit back and plan and plan and plan and then pray for the success. This year there was an amazing team working very hard behind the scenes to put this Fantasy Faire on. Did it pay off? Yep it sure did… Less then 18 hours after opening the sim to everyone … our team total hit the first milestone of 1,500,000L$ .. ( 6000 USD) . People form all over the world coming together to make a difference. God you don’t know how special that feels to be a part of until  you have been.

Now what do we have planned to Wow you this year??? Well we have shown ya the stores, the sponsors , and the entertainers… now…. for the BIG NEWS!!! We are throwing some of them in Jail!!!!

Starting tomorrow at 10:00 am SLT we will be putting some of our favorites in Jail… below is the list !!!

Sunday 4/3

10:00 am          aikea rieko –   [The Plastik.] –  forest of light
Saur Holt – Gothic Passionate Dreams – Dark Mirage

11:00 am           MamaP Beerbaum – RFL CO Chair 2011 –  Sea of Mer

1:00 pm              ethereal faerye –    ~Lost in Starnight~  sea of mer

Monday 4/4

4:00 pm               Evangeline Miles – Evie’s Closet –  Forest of LIght
Saffia Widdershins – Treet TV –  Sea of mer

Tuesday 4/5

3:00pm              lerochelle.destiny  – DeLa Soul –  Exotic Worlds

7:00 pm              Opal Lei – Mer Betta –  sea of mer

Wednesday 4/6

2:00 pm              Druscilla Ferraris – Druscilla’s Whim –  Fant/magic

3:00 pm              Khyle Sion  – ~Refined Wild~ Enchanted mysts

Thursday 4/7

2:00 pm               Alia Baroque  – Fallen Gods –  Enchanted mysts

6:00 pm               Jayjay Zifanwe – University of Western Australia –  Dark Mirage

Friday 4/8

1:00 pm              Morgaine Price  – Mer – Elf Creations –  Sea of Mer

5:00 pm              Erin Talamasca – Hoof It !! –  Nemo





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