Fondazione Connell Project

Asia Connell from Fondazione Connell Project is part of the Fantasy Faire for the third yearas an Event Sponsor. In 2010 she created the Sector Sci-Fi Sim, i am including some of my own pics here. Thank you for taking time answering my questions, have a look here for the 2010 Interview

Q1. Tell me a little about yourself and your business interests in Second Life, relevant to the Fantasy Faire itself?

A1. Fondazione Connell Project, or FCP Project, is a no profit association operating both rl and sl. In our website it’s possible to look around our projects and goals. Url is

Q2 As a Fantasy Faire sponsor, what initially piqued your interest about sponsoring such an event?

A2. I’m proud to give our contribute to Fantasy Faire and ACS as sponsor for the third year. We believe virtual worlds are a place-noplace where we can interact sometimes in a better way than rl. Virtual Worlds are the best places where we can meet each others without barriers, and we can realize together the dream of a better world.

Q3 What is it about RFL / Friends fighting Cancer and the Fantasy Faire 2011 that you are particularly passionate about?

A3. Battle against cancer is a big challenge of our century, and we must win it!

Q4 What are you really looking forward to with the Fantasy Faire this year?

A4. FCP No Profit Projects is always proud to partecipate to FF and, for this year, we hope FF 2011 can reach its goals. With our contribute, too!

Q5.  What are your favourite things you have made?

A5. Our last ( but not least ) project is the Memorial to the Italian Fallen in International Peacekeeping Missions. My mind and my heart go to these guys, civilian and military: they lost their lives for a better world and for peace.

Q6.  Why should someone who has never been to Fantasy Faire attend this year?

A6. Uhmmmm….. yes, I could say “come on guys, and donate” :))


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