Interview with Evangeline Miles Evie’s Closet


Time and time again, so many of us are reminded how much we know and love the designs found at Evie’s Closet,  the designer behind the brand, Evangeline Miles , continues to share both her beautiful designs and  generous heart, providing SIM sponsorship support with the Forest of Light SIM.

Reknowned for stunning fae, elven and simply beautiful gowns and accessories, a trip to Evie’s Closet must be one made regularly for many female avatars on the grid. Set on the beautiful  Oubliette SIM, Evie’s Closet often participates in charities ,hunts and provides various sales over the year. It can always be guaranteed, that if one is on the lookout for a stunning gown, Evie’s Closet continues to provide fabulous creative for all .  So many of us are looking forward to seeing what Evangeline designs for the Fantasy Faire this year.

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An Interview with Evangeline Miles

Special thanks to Joonie Jatho for this year’s interview with The Lovely Evangeline Miles.

First, thank you so much for all your hard work for Fantasy Faire
1. How did you begin as a creator in Second Life?

I had been playing around for a little while, out of pure curiosity, wondering “how did they do that?” and realized fairly quickly that to make something look as I envisioned, it would take a fair amount of work. So I didn’t actually begin applying myself properly to content creation until I had some real motivation.

I had been asked to partner with somebody and I simply couldn’t find a dress that looked the way I wanted it to for the virtual ceremony he wanted. And it wasn’t from lack of shopping around, I promise you!

Ultimately, I decided to give making my own another try and I got so much positive feedback from the people who saw it, that I began to wonder if I couldn’t make others, as well. As it turns out, the partnership wisely didn’t go ahead and instead, I threw myself into creating things and began to discover how amazing it felt, to develop new skills and have the results turn into something pretty.

As far as the store and the brand go, I never imagined I could achieve what I have, and I need to acknowledge that I have had SO much support and encouragement from a collection of wonderful people. Without their positivity and belief in me, I’d have ended up with squat. I consider myself very lucky.

2. How would you describe your store, Evie?

I would like to think that most of my designs could be worn by anyone in Second Life with an imagination; Whether they’re into role playing in Second Life or just love to dress up and go out dancing. The emphasis for me is on beauty and I think that overcomes any attempts to really pigeonhole Evie’s Closet in just -one- fashion genre. It’s equal parts traditional fairy tale/role play costumes and ethereal evening wear.

Boys get a bit cross since I don’t design for them, but that hasn’t stopped a few from looking fierce in a dress!

 3. You make such beautiful designs and clothing. Where does your inspiration come from?

I devoured books as a child, and most of what I got my hands on, were fairy tales or fantasy stories of some description. Princes and happy endings were awesome, but what I loved most of all, were the costumes! Let’s face it, growing up in the 70’s wasn’t the ideal fashion era for a kid with a penchant for medieval attire, so I quickly fell in love with the whole idea of dressing up. I used to stitch together terrible, elaborate creations for my generic-brand Barbie alternatives. Of course, I’d sew them right onto the doll and could never get them off again, but that was beside the point.  lol

Now, I just think, that a lean towards that sort of fashion and feel has lingered with me, well into adulthood and that’s what draws me to create the things I do. I have a much better outlet now, than a pair of scissors and an old, cast-off, shiny nylon blouse to chop up! 

I sometimes get requests to make outfits from movies, or online games or even just pictures that people have seen and admired, but I don’t particularly enjoy the process of replication. It’s not new, it’s not something that comes from -my- imagination and I can get bogged down in the restrictions that poses, very quickly. The best thing about books, is you get to create your own world. Even if someone’s describing a thing, you can decide exactly how that looks. So I stick to what works for me. I love magic, I love possibility and I love beauty. All of those things, together, I can express through my designs for Evie’s Closet.

 4. How did you learn about Relay for Life?

I first became aware of Relay For Life years ago. Our local schools were involved and there were always people down at the shopping centers signing folks up and asking for donations during the Relay season. (There still are! I’m too shy to stop and talk to them and share what -I’m- doing for RFL, but I smile and wave, nonetheless.)

Relay for Life in Second Life was introduced to me by Madison Donnelly, a former fashion writer for the Metaverse Messenger and active member of Relay For Life and the ACS in Real Life.  There was a last-minute vacancy in the 2008 RFL Clothing Fair and she pushed to get me in. I was blown away by the whole thing. It was the most amazing experience I’ve had in Second Life and it opened my eyes to how our global online community can use our ‘virtual’ skills to make a very real impact on the outside world.

 5. What is your favorite thing about Fantasy Faire? Why should someone who has never been to Fantasy Faire attend this year?

There’s SO many reasons to visit the Fantasy Faire. Not only is it one-stop shopping for the best of everything fantasy-related in Second Life, but it’s also an opportunity to score some seriously awesome original content with your Lindens going straight to the ACS (American Cancer Society). It’s win-win!

What is Second Life about, if not living out your fantasy? It’s the ONLY place on earth where you can stick a pair of wings on and actually fly, turn yourself into a werewolf – minus the whole full-moon restriction – or follow the path of the Jedi without having to declare it on your cencus form. We’re only limited by our imaginations and the Fantasy Faire is here to help you discover the possibilities. 

When you also consider that the Fantasy Community of Second Life boasts some of the most talented content creators on the entire grid, even if you’re not into role play and consider yourself fairly mainstream with your style, there’s the wow factor of seeing what’s new, what’s awesome and the possibility of being inspired to take your Second Life in a whole new direction. That’s pretty exciting!

For me, personally, my favorite thing is not just all of the above, but also the opportunities I have to meet other creators and participants, share their stories about why -they- Relay and really take the opportunity to spend time amongst a community that doesn’t always get the chance to come together as one. It really is full of the warmest, most generous people I’ve ever met in Second Life and it’s a real thrill to touch base with them again and catch up on the year that’s gone by.

6. We all have our own reasons to getting involved in RFL. Could you tell us a little bit about yours?

My sister-in-law was ‘accidentally’ diagnosed with cancer when she went to have some wisdom teeth removed. She went through radiation therapy which was tough, but eventually she was given the all-clear. They were -so- confident that she was Cancer-free, that she and my brother got pregnant and in due course, my niece Isabella was born.

I can remember the day that my Mum told us that the cancer was back. Apparently there had been some suspicion and my sister-in-law went in for some tests. When the results were passed on, my brother fainted in the doctor’s office. And I can’t really blame him. She was unquestionably the love of his life and they had this tiny little precious girl who they had planned to raise, together.

My sister-in-law put up the fight of all fights. Its still hard for me to talk about because she was -so- positive. Unrelentingly positive for 6 more years as they tried everything they had available. Eventually, nothing had any impact on it’s growth anymore and my brother cared for her in their home, until the day that she left us.

Isabella came to visit me, this Christmas and she’s the spitting image of her Mum. She’s a wonderful little girl, clever and affectionate and I’m so proud of her. But one evening, she innocently confessed that she spends a lot of time trying to prepare herself for bad things that might happen. It breaks my heart. She’s too small to be worrying about maybes.

My sister-in-law was my primary motivation for participating in the RFL in SL events over the past 3 years. This year, it’s for Isabella.

I’m so grateful for the Fantasy Faire. It provides me with a way to do -something-. It gives me the ability to be part of the ongoing story which I just -know- is going to end in a cure. So much has already been achieved and I relay, because I want Isabella’s children to grow up and -only- learn about this horrible disease called Cancer in science class. About how it claimed -so- many lives, but then a cure was found in 2011 and no one has to be afraid of it, anymore. Who -wouldn’t- want to be a part of that?

 7. Fantasy Faire is an excellent way to educate and inform people about RFL. What would you like to see people take away from Fantasy Faire this year?

That you -can- make a difference. That, even when you feel like you’re insignificant, you can be a part of a cure. If you don’t have time to get your trainers on and walk in the real life relay, if you haven’t got the cash to sponsor anyone or to donate directly, or if you feel awkward and uncertain about -how- to participate, the American Cancer Society is active in Second Life and there are easy things you can do.

Showing up to support a live act at the Fantasy Faire with your presence, is something. Writing a blog about items a creator has made for donation helps get the word out. Buying just one of those donation items and scoring yourself something awesome will help. Or walking with your avatar, next to somebody else in the Second Life relay, says “I’m here”. And it’s -so- appreciated by a passionate community of individuals who will welcome you and gratefully accept anything you can contribute.

I want people to be proud of what we can achieve, ‘virtually’ and be inspired to keep going.

Thank you so much, Evie, for sharing your time and talent with me.



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