Can’t wait to find out?

Well its time and official. The list of designers for the 2011 Fantasy Faire is growing and we wanted to give you a peek as to who is attending.  There are still a few spots open and they are filling quickly. Because of this , we ask that you keep coming back and checking to see who has been added.

Those of us working on the Faire are so excited to bring you this years event. We have some amazing people working day and night to get things as perfect as they can for each and everyone of you. So get ready . It wont be long. soon we will be celebrating at the best party in town..

Don’t forget to see who is joining us! Check out our Vendor Page.


3 thoughts on “Can’t wait to find out?”

  1. I can’t wait! I’ve been stoked about this event since I saw the first poster. The creator list looks great so far and if it’s anything like last year’s faire I’m going to go broke Lol. Some of my favorite designers are on the list already so i’m looking forward to visiting all of their stores!

  2. According to the note card I received after applying to be a blogger for the Faire, you *might* be assigning location to cover. When will we learn more about this?

    1. Thanks for the question. We are finalizing our list of Creators for this years fair and I will be getting those who are blogging assigned this weekend and sent out as soon after. So expect something the first part of next week. Thanks everyone! This is going to be an awesome event !

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