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The Faire Goes On…


I’m sitting on the quarterdeck of the Fairechylde as I write this, moored at the top of Hope’s Horizon with an amazing view out over the Fairelands. And it’s quiet, so I can really crank up my draw distance and see everything the Grid will let me see. It is a sight both wondrous and humbling, to see the scale of what I’ve had the enormous privilege of contributing to. By the time the Fairelands recede once more into the mists I think I’ll have spent about three weeks here, and I know there’s no way I’ll have seen it all.

And I think that’s a good thing.

Because there is so much, everyone’s Faire is unique. It’s your story: nobody else will have had quite the same Faire experience you did, or I did. Each of us carries a different part of the Faire away in our hearts. It is wrapped in our own love for this incredible place, kept safe so we can bring it back next year. For a lot of us, it’s a battery that recharges our enthusiasm and creativity. It’s a hope, too, in the better angels of our natures; a touchstone of what we can accomplish when we band together. The magic of the Fairelands is not made of prims or mesh or music, it is made of us.

All of us.

Without builders, there are no sims. Without merchants there are no stores, Without DJs there is no music. But without people there is no life here, and everyone is important. Every foot to tread the stones of Sanctum, every gasp at the Great Tree of The Faery Court or the sight of Hope’s Horizon, every smile in Wiggenstead Mooring, every silent tear in Junction… all of these – and so much more – are the breath and heartbeat of the Fairelands. A heartbeat that lasts throughout the year.

So do not mourn when the Fairelands slide away. They are not gone. We carry them with us and keep them safe for another year. As they return so do we, and life goes on. Hope goes on. The Faire goes on.

Fellow Fairelanders, I thank you all.

David Abbot
Coordinator, Fantasy Faire Radio
Writer and Coordinator, The Palace of Tears

The Hunt Goes On!


Although the Fairelands are fading back into the mists, there is one sim holding onto the grid for just a little bit longer: The Palace of Tears sim stays in existence, open and alive for a week still, all the way to May 18th.

This means that you can finish the second part of the hunt at your own leisure within the Palace. The hunt HUD vendors will sell HUDs that cover only this second part of the hunt, since the first part will become impossible to work on once the rest of the Fairelands are gone. Obviously the HUDs you purchased during the Faire will continue to work as well.

Come solve the puzzles, admire the art and enjoy the last Faireland of year 2014 for just a little bit longer!

The Mourningvale Murders: The Solution

You may remember that three suspects were detained for the gruesome murders in Mourningvale Thicket and, on Saturday, Fairegoers had a chance to question the suspects and then to pay Lindens to vote on their innocence or guilt. You can read about it here.

After much investigating (and much arguing) the good citizens who gathered for the unmasking of the murderer finally saw the shapeshift of the arrogant and murderous Baron Giles De Rais into Barron, the demon that he raised. The people had voted and had – fortunately – got it right. (Nearly 8k was raised for Relay for Life just on this event! Thank you all so much!)

The other suspects were Belial and Maleficent, both guilty of many things, but not of being the serial killer. The Baron /Barron has (have?) been sent off for 100 years of torture in the jails of Sanctuary.   Hopefully he does not escape too soon!

But … you never know!

The Sanctuary Roleplayers who created this wonderful event say:
“We of Sanctuary RP sims loved coming to the fair and playing out the mystery with you and hope to see some of you come visit us some time!”

You can find out more about Sanctuary here and here.


Explore the beautiful world of Fantasy Faire with Designing Worlds

The Fairechild over Hopes Horizon, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
The Fairechild over Hopes Horizon, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Join us today, Monday 12th May at 2pm at the Designing Worlds studio in Garden of Dreams for a viewing party of our second and final episode from Fantasy Faire 2014!

In last week’s episode we looked at the various events that were happening during the Faire.

Medhir Woods, designed by Rynn Verwood, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
Medhir Woods, designed by Rynn Verwood, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

This week we look at the beautiful regions themselves … and talk to some of the designers: Marcus Inkpen (Blackwater Glen), Elicio Ember (The Faery Court), Jaimy Handcroft (Hope’s Horizon), Kayle Matzerath (Wiggenstead Mooring) and Beq Janus (Asperatus).

And we also see the magical Romance of the Faery Court ballet, devised by Amethyst Dovgal and Aisling Sinclair.

Join us at 2pm for an incredibly beautiful show!

Wiggenstead Mooring (designed bty Kayle Matzerath) with Asperatus (designed by Beq Janus) behind, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
Wiggenstead Mooring (designed bty Kayle Matzerath) with Asperatus (designed by Beq Janus) behind, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in to the web at 2pm SLT on Monday for a showing on Aview TV, on SLartist or on Treet – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/designingworlds, on the Aview TV Designing Worlds channel – or on the Designing Worlds blog – our very own version of the iPlayer!

The Fairelands will be open for a couple more days – if you haven’t visited yet, now is the time to take in all the breathtaking builds. And there’s another whole week to complete the amazing Hunt – and also time to enter the special photo contest and the short story/poetry competition.

Palace of Tears, designed by Rynn Verwood, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
Palace of Tears, setting for the second stage of the Fantasy Faire Hunt, designed by Rynn Verwood, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont



Daily Recap: Sunday

The Faery Court Sponsored By Cerridwen's Cauldron 2 by Alisaundra AndelSunday, the very last official day of the Fairelands this year was filled with frantic shopping and eager visitors, trying to catch the last moments of the magic while they still could. While they still can.

We had one more imprisonment by the Pawlice — apparently the Law holds underwater as well, for GraceSWF Wrigglesworth, the founder of Safe Waters Foundation was trapped in an underwater cage in Wiggenstead Mooring. Fortunately the new winds of Justice in the Fairelands managed to reach into the depths and the Commander of the Pawlice, Xavian Starsider, was soon bail-changed into the cage instead of the beautiful mermaid. This seems to have had some slight side effects on Commander Starsider, who soon mutated into a koala kraken. If that is not Faire Justice, I do not know what is!

The Live Auction distributed pieces of the Fairelands to those most deserving. (The level of deservingness might have been decided based on the amount of linden dollars offered to RFL.) Every year the Faire leaves pieces of itself on the grid through the Live Auction, shedding the old skin before fading into the Mists to slumber and take a new form to rise again.

The Auction held an extra special piece of the Fairelands for sale, a continued tone of Justice delivered: Commander Starsider was frozen in carbonite and then sold off! It remains to be seen if Alia Baroque, who purchased the frozen Commander for everyone to marvel at Selidor, will let him out by the next Faire. More importantly, it remains to be seen if Commander Starsider has learned his lesson by then! (What? We can be optimistic.)

After the Auction we had our traditional Closing Party, where all the exhausted and deliriously happy Fairelanders finally take a long breath and know it is done, and that it was well done. The giddy delight in the air can only be matched by the need of sleep and the conversations tend to match the atmosphere accordingly.

Today there is no official schedule, albeit there might be some unofficial entertainment zooming around when you least expect it. The Fairelands are still there and the portals are still open for all of you to come in and share the last moments of magic with us. The merchants are advised to pick up no-copy items for obvious reasons, but otherwise everything may be left as it is, to fade away with the Fairelands when they do so at some point around Tuesday (the exact moment is up to the Linden Lab.).

Hunters are strongly recommended to hurry up with finishing the first part of the hunt, Fimbleby’s Wager, for it will become impossible to complete when the Fairelands fade. However, the Palace of Tears will stay around a week longer and fade after May 18th, so there’s still plenty of time to finish the second part of the hunt.

We have by now relayed 5,635,962 linden dollars, equivalent of 22,544 US dollars, and there’s still more time to shop and donate! That’s an astonishing amount that goes straight to Relay For Life and American Cancer Society. All thanks to you, Faire Folk. Thank you.

The Fantasy Faire 2014 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Creators of Fantasy, Curious Kitties, Dark Goddess Designs, Death Row Designs, Dwarfins, Epic, {Fae’d} Club, Fallen Gods Inc., The Looking Glass, L’Uomo, .Luminary., Neo Victoria, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Spyralle and Tiny Inc.

Fairelands Junction 3 by Alisaundra Andel