Dragons In Disguise

Sunday night I hardly slept. I know it’s not very adult behaviour to stay up overnight in order to have some fun on the internet, but who could resist the temptation to be present at the great, final auction of the Fantasy Faire? The experience to be in a sim together with 100 other avatars was already worth perching in front of the monitor until 4 AM – no, I’m not kidding, I checked it twice, The Valley of Ish’nar hosted 101 avies at its most crowded state and no, the sim did not crash! Then, the bidding itself was another fantastic experience… a brilliant auctioneer, some unbelievably generous bidders, a huge crowd of people cheering and rooting for the heroes of the moment, and two chairladies of the event thanking and thanking everybody and sobbing their dear hearts out in open voice chat.


Then, after three hours sleep, I had to wake up and go to work, like many of my fellow debaucherers. At university a student of mine submitted her essay (I teach ethics and law to med students, by the way), and before leaving my office she unexpectedly said, “Professor, I want to specialise in something rather bumpy, child oncology, and your classes and discussions help me a lot. I often think about what you tell us, you know.” I was speechless for a moment, then I thanked her… then I was very happy for a long, long time, and the happiness still lasts… you know why?


I’m a teacher lecturing on issues of life and death IRL, I’m also a tiny dragon reporting about the Fantasy Faire in SL, and when one does her work well, the other rejoices, too. Luckily, I’m not alone. I think all of us are dragons in disguise in a manner or another. The artists who dedicated weeks and months to building, and created the breathtaking sims. The shop owners who treated us to lovely clothes, props, pets, poses and body parts. The tireless organisers who work all year round for the cause as volunteers. The bidders who were willing to pay huge amounts (and when I say ‘huge”, I talk about sums like 1500 USD!) for the artists’ builds. The DJs, the bloggers and visitors… you all are dragons at heart, fierce and ready to fight for a good cause in any life whatsoever. I wear my scales and wings regularly in the pixel world, and I’m profoundly happy to know that I don’t fly alone in real life, either.

See you at the next Faire, fellow critters. Until then, have a safe flight!

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6 thoughts on “Dragons In Disguise”

    1. Thank you, Fairy Kitty! :) I’m happy that I could meet and chat to you inworld, and I’m pleased you also feel a dragon in disguise. :)

  1. aww that was so beautiful said :) *hugs her fav dragon*

    I also want to say something too.
    I, as a fan of the Faire, want to thank everyone who organised, DJed, got jailed, the sim sponsor, creator builders, staff, tinies, writers,…(sorry if i forget someone) who put all their heart and soul in this amazing work. YOU guys are truly the heros in my eyes. you are the ones that derserve a thank you, a hug and maybe a cookie :D
    *bows in respect to all of you*

    Also i want to thank all the visitors for all the donations and fun conversations :)
    I honestly can say that the week of the faire is the best and most emotional week in the year. yes i also got teary eyed when i saw all those donations… mostly at the live auction @.@ (i still dont understand how we managed this without crashing the sim – geez 101 pple)

    Even after 5 years second life – there are still things that amaze and make me speechless.
    It was an amazing ride and i look forward to the next year :)
    and maybe we can hit the record of 10 million Linden Dollar then *crosses fingers*

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you

    PS: who finds mistakes, can keep them :P
    PPS: again teary eyed here

    1. See, I sooo told you all, I am not alone, none of us is! :) Thank you so much, Thalia, for sharing your thoughts with us… and it’s a great luck that dragons have secret stashes of napkins as well, in addition to a hoard or two… *sniffs and scurries*

  2. Such a beautiful letter, Ursula. For my father, Harry Sidney Simpson, I thank you and everyone who made the Faire such a memorable and dear experience. In Second Life, my name is Zander Greene. In the physical world my name is Scott Simpson. I post this here, openly, because I have never been more proud to be a part of anything than I am to call myself a Fairelander.

    1. Zander… Scott. Your words are the most wonderful and moving proof of how Faireland, a virtual realm, unites all of us, as certain boundaries don’t matter any more. I’m Ursula in both worlds and I send you my warmest dragon hugs.

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